11th Grade Timeline
  • Continue with your best performance course work and ensure that it exceeds minimum NCAA requirements (core courses)
  • Be prepared to put in extra study time
  • Participate on high school athletic teams –JV or varsity
  • Keep record of ALL academic and athletic achievements and statistics and update resume
  • Organize a filing system and a follow up plan to track colleges that respond to your inquiries
  • Research colleges you have interest in and those that have interest in you. Include academic standards, majors, athletics, social, size, location, etc.Involve parents, counselors, coaches
  • Evaluate your PSAT results–High PSAT scores might qualify you for National Merit Scholarships.
  • Register, prepare, and take ACT, SATs –Meet with college representatives as they visit your school
  • Meet with your counselor to create a testing plan and develop a list of colleges for your academic, athletic, and personal match
  • Meet with your coach for a realistic athletic evaluation –which college level should you target?
  • Ask coaches for assistance in the recruiting process –Send letters of interest and resumes to college coaches
  • Attend local College Fairs –Take class trips to local college campuses –Complete Common Application
  • Begin individual and family conferences with counselor to createa list of colleges to be researched by student
  • Participate in off school season programs and camps in your sport
  • Register and prepare for upcoming ACT, SAT and APs
  • Retake tests if scores are not where they need to be
  • Update your Player Profile and/or resume, your Spring high school season statistics, then send to interested college coaches along with your Summer sports schedule
  • Contact coaches at the schools that most interest you (remember, they cannot call you back, so if you leave a message, you will need to phone them again--they are not allowed to call you until July 1st of your Senior Year)
  • Make unofficial visits to the schools that interest you

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