Playmetrics Registration Process

Below is how the tryout acceptance will work this year

After the tryouts are completed, players will be assigned to their teams and emailed their placement through Playmetrics.  Parents will receive a notification of the team placement and will be asked to either "Accept" or "Decline" their invitation to that particular team.   

If your child receives an invitation for Classic, the teams are as follows:
2012-2011 (11U-12U): Juniors, Barcelona, Arsenal, Everton, Juventus, Bayern Munich
2010-2004 (13U+): NPL/DPL, Gold, Silver, Bronze, Black, White

If your child receives an invitation for Select, the teams are not yet finalized, so their invite will just say "select".  Teams will be formed after acceptances to see if we can form regional teams in Durham, Chapel Hill, and Chatham.

If your child is selected for a "Classic" team, you will have 24 hours to either accept or decline the invitation.  The reason for the quick turn around is that we will have players on the alternate/wait list waiting to hear.  The longer families wait to accept or decline will impact the 2nd, 3rd, 4th teams to be as fair to all players as possible, please respond as quickly as you can or your spot on that team may be given to the next player in line.

If your child is selected for a "Classic" team, but ONLY wants to play "Select", please decline the classic spot and email John Cirillo, Director of Soccer for Triangle United, letting him know that you would like to decline your classic spot and play select.  His email is 

When you accept a position on the team, please note there is an acceptance fee to pay that is non-refundable. Please note when fees will be due (these will also be shown in your Playmetrics account)

If you have any questions pertaining to our programs, please reach out to the following directors:
YDA: Drew Kepley,
11-12 Boys: Ricky Santibanez,
11-12 Girls: John Cirillo,
13-19 Boys: Luis Satorra:
13-19 Girls: Bobo Bokole: