2007 - 2004 Girls Tryouts

Sunday, March 20th

The girls 2007 - 2004 tryouts will take place on Sunday, March 20th.  The tryouts will be for our DPL as well as NCYSA teams.

Coaches for the DPL teams are as follow:

2007 DPL: Bobo Bokole
2006 DPL: Seth Kaplan
2005/04 DPL: Seth Kaplan

Staff are being finalized for all other teams in the older age groups and will be published shortly.

Tryout times are below:
2007: 200pm-330pm at 
2006: 330pm-500pm at Southern Community Park
2005/04: 200pm-330pm at Southern Community Park

Southern Community Park: 1000 Sumac Road, Chapel Hill, NC 27517

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