5 Triangle United 98 Gold Girls Named to NCSCA All-State Teams.

Five 98 TUSA Gold G girls named to NCSCA All State team. L-R, Elizabeth Cato (2A), Miah Araba (2A), Isabel Pearce (1A), Brianna Kropinak (3A), Natalie Chandler (3A)

Congratulations to Miah Araba, Elizabeth Cato, and Alexa Wojnovich on being named to the 2016 NCSCA 2A All-State team representing Carrboro HS.  Also, congratulations to Miah and Elizabeth's 98 TUSA Gold G teammates, Isabel Pearce (1A -Woods Charter), Brianna Kropinak (3A-Swansboro) and Natalie Chandler (3A-Orange) for being named to their respective NCSCA All-State Teams, as well.   http://www.ncsca.org/womensallstate.htm

Special shout out to Miah, for also being named to the 2016 All-Mid Atlantic Region Team, too. You all make us proud!