Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are there tryouts for Classic Soccer?
A: Yes, each year during April and May, there are tryouts. 

Q: How many teams do you have per age group?
A: This will depend on the number of players trying out as well as the level of the players

Q: What do the team colors mean?
A: Gold is our top team (NPL/DPL/Premier Level team), Silver is our 2nd team (Premier/1st Division), and Bronze/Black/White/Green (1st Division/2nd Division) are our 3rd level teams.  Our Blue teams are based out of Holly Springs area. 

Q: What are the fees associated with playing Classic Soccer?
A: For classic soccer, there are Club Fees (which are paid to the club to pay for fields, registration, insurance, coaches, office staff, etc...) and Team Fees (which are paid to the team to pay for referees, tournament entry fees, coaches per diem for tournaments, teamsnap, etc...).  To find the Club fees, you will can go to this link here.  In regards to the team fees, these fees will vary based on age group as well as level of play (Gold, Silver, Bronze)

Q: What is the commitment level for Classic Soccer?
A: Classic soccer is the highest level of soccer Triangle United offers.  11U-14U teams practice 3x a week during the fall (Aug-Nov) and spring (Feb-May); 2x a week during the winter (late Nov - early Feb).  15U-19U girls teams practice 3x a week from August - November and 2x a week in December/January.  15U-19U boys team practice 3x a week from mid November - May

Q: How many tournaments does each team attend?
A: This depends on the leve of the team and the age group.  Younger teams tend to do fewer more local events where older teams will travel a bit more for college recruiting events. 

Q: What are the rules to playing time in Classic?
A: There are no rules in regards to playing time for classic.  We do work with our staff to ensure players get to play, especially in the younger and lower level teams, however playing time is not guaranteed.

Q: Where do practices occur?
A: Practices take place mainly in the Chapel Hill and Durham area.  We utilize different park fields, school fields, and university fields for our teams to practice. 

Q: Do you allow players to guest play with other clubs?
A: No.  The club only allows players to guest play with other Triangle United teams