7 TU Girls Travel to India as Part of Goals for Girls Program

An International Initiative of Girls Helping Girls Through the Game of Soccer

Goals for Girls connects girls from different countries and backgrounds with their peers around the world in a forum that addresses social and heal challenges through cultural exchange and soccer.  Since 2007, Goalsf or Girls has used this unique platform to help disadvantaged girls across the globe by providing access to health and education programs taught through the game of soccer.  It gives girls an opportunity to break down cultural and socio-economical barriers to create change through addressing common challenges. 

Triangle United has been a part of Goals for Girls for the past few years in large part to Cindy Parlow, former Triangle United girls director.  This year, 7 girls traveled to India along with some players from across the nation. 

Goals for Girls just found out that this team trip will go down in history as being the first EVER American female soccer team that has traveled to India...at any level.

Here is a link to the Goals for Girls website

Below are some pictures of the girls:

 The girls arriving in India

  Group shot with the other girls in the program along with Cindy

 In front of the Taj Mahal 

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