End of Season Tournament Success

As the fall season begins to wind down, teams are testing themselves by heading out to various tournaments around the Region.  Below is a list of how some of our teams have fared thus far:

u6Coed YDA Jrs Green Bananas: Champions, TUSA Rec Cup
u8B Manchester City: Under Armour Cup, Champions (playing up at u9)
u9G Bayern Munich: Under Armour Cup, Champions (top group)
u10B Sevilla: Under Armour Cup, Finalists
u10B Celtic: Under Armour Cup, Semi-Finalists
u10B Rangers: Under Armour Cup, Champions (playing up at u11)
u11B Everton: Under Armour Cup, Finalists
u11B Arsenal: CASL Shootout, Finalists
u11G Barcelona Ladies: CASL Shootout, Finalists (top group)
u12B Chivas: Under Armour Cup, Champions
u12B Porto: Autumn Blast Hickory, Champions
u12B Everton: Autumn Blast Hickory, Champions
u13B Gold: CASL Shootout, Champions
u14B Silver: CASL Shootout, Finalists

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