Sheldon China,(00 TUSA Juniors), Top Player @ US Club id2

Congratulations to Sheldon China for participating in the recent US Club Soccer id2 camp in Charleston, SC.  He was one of 59 players chosen for the event from around the Country to participate.   He was just named one of the best players during the camp, according to TopDrawer Soccer

Top boys from Charleston id2

Article Written by Caroline Yort, ESNN
Published: April 18, 2013
US Club Soccer’s final spring id2 Program Training Camp wrapped up Sunday in Charleston, S.C. The weekend camp provides a glimpse at the future, and TopDrawerSoccer.com identified a few specific names who could end up making an impact several years down the road.

The boys at this camp were for the most part seventh graders, so physical maturity and the skill set that goes along with it was widely varied within the top players in the group. But there were a few who were able to level the playing field and stood out among the crowd (in no particular order).

Sheldon China, Triangle United

The speedy forward from the Durham/Chapel Hill soccer hotbed had the ability to outrun the defense, and was a constant threat up the right hand side.

The camp is free to all players in attendance, except for their travel to the event. 

Here is an article on Top Drawer Soccer’s website regarding Sheldon

Below is the roster of players at the event:
Roster of boys at event

Congratluations again to Sheldon!

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