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Advanced Development Program (ADP)

Advanced Development Program



The Advanced Development Program (ADP) concentrates on the growth of the individual within the team structure.  Our practice sessions will focus heavily on the technical skills a player needs to be successful but will give attention to the tactical side of the game.  Sessions will also demand of the player from a physical and mental viewpoint.  Together all four components of the game:  technical, tactical, physical and mental will be incorporated into sessions creating an environment for complete player development.  The elements taught in sessions will also be the areas to be emphasized in games. 

 Each ADP team will have a dedicated volunteer coach who will work with the programs technical director. That coach will be present at all practices and games.  One day per week the practice session will be led by a professional staff member of TUSA.  The second session and games will be led by the team coach.  In addition, coaches will attend a training coaching workshop prior to the start of the season as well as coaching sessions throughout the year.  This training allows the coaches to receive education which ensures that your child is receiving consistent, progressive instruction which leads to a higher level of learning.

The program is offered in three regions:  North Durham, South Durham, and Efland.

North Durham Region - click HERE 

South Durham Region - click HERE

Efland (Eurosport Field) - click HERE

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