Practice Protocol (as of 9/14/20)

Here is an updated practice protocol for our Competitive teams (YDA/Select/Classic)

  • ALL players must wear a mask to and from the field.  This is happening for 2 reasons:
    • Other programs (i.e. lacrosse, field hockey, rec soccer) will be starting up and since some of our fields we will be sharing or in contact with those other groups, we will need to be pro-active and respectful of the other groups
    • When we go to game play, players will need to wear masks to and from the field, so to get in line with that protocol, we are going to ask all players to do this for practice as well
  • Coaches will still need to wear their masks to and from the field.  They will also be encouraged to wear their masks during the training session, however they can take their mask down when socially distanced to explain an exercise; however, when coaches are walking around the players, they must put their mask back on
  • Cones will need to be set up for players to utilize when they show up for training to put their ball, bag, and other gear.
  • Players are encouraged to bring hand sanitizer with them to each practice and to use during breaks and when they are done with practice
  • Players are asked to bring with them last years Dark jersey (green or black) with them since scrimmage vests are still not permitted at this time.  
  • Parents are still not permitted on the field and must remain outside the fence (where fences are around a field).  If there is no fence, parents are asked to stay at least 6 feet away from the field.  
  • Parents are to wear their masks when outside their car if they cannot maintain local guidelines for social distancing.