Triangle United began working

 Triangle United began working with the Durham Bulls Youth Athletic League (DBYAL) in 2008 to help the inner city kids of Durham.  This began through after school programs and now has flourished into a full fledged recreational program that began in 2010.  There were 8 schools with over 200 players participating. 
 FC Cary began working with TU in 2007 through the NC Champions League; our partnership has seen the NCCL expand to over 130 teams; this partnership also promotes players from FC Cary to join TU at u11, when FC Cary stops offering competitive programming.  TU offers coaching and player clinics with FC Cary
 In the Spring of 2012, TU created a relationship with Hillandale Soccer Association.  This agreement solidifies our presence in North Durham, with Hillandale running all pure recreational teams, while TU works with the more advanced players in North Durham. 
   In the spring of 2010, TU expanded into Northern Durham to create a partnership with NJAA, to offer coaching and player clinics.  Through this partnership, our hope is that players in Northern Durham will look to Triangle United as an alternative for competitive soccer in the Triangle area.
   In the Spring of 2010, TU partnered with the Police Athletic League (PAL) of Durham to develop an inner-city soccer program to kids in Durham.  Along with the DBYAL, TU and PAL joined forces to create a recreational soccer league in the Fall of 2010 within 8 elemenatary schools in Durham.  This initiative allowed over 200+ kids 5-10 the opportunity to get involved in soccer.
Since the inception of Triangle United, we have been a partner with Rainbow Soccer.  We offer coaching and player clinics, summer, fall, and winter camps as well as fall and spring break ’fun days’.  This cooperation between the two clubs has been a main reason for our success