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Triangle United financial aid information

For those interested in the receiving financial aid or donating money to our financial aid program, please click on the following links to find out more information about our financial aid program. 

Finacial Aid Info (2016-2017)

Financial Aid Application (2016-2017)

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If you have any questions regarding this program, please contact Mike Strand, TU Executive Director


Triangle United Financial Aid Policy

1. The Triangle United Soccer Association (Triangle United) will maintain a financial aid fund. The purpose of this fund is to support players who may need financial assistance to play for Triangle United.

2. The Financial Aid Committee will administer the fund. The Financial Aid committee shall consist of at least three members. One of the Committee members must be an Association board member. The Board may appoint additional members.

3. Financial aids will be awarded based on qualification criteria set by the Financial Aid Committee. Financial aids may be full or partial. Qualification criteria will include gross monthly income and family size, and may include other criteria. Qualification will be based on an established sliding scale set by the Financial Aid Committee using the qualification criteria. Financial Aid is annual and must be applied for every year.

4. After all qualified applicants are awarded financial aids, any remaining financial aid monies shall continue to be held for future financial aid use unless explicitly repurposed by the Board. Funds donated to the Association specifically for financial aid cannot be repurposed.

5. Financial aid application forms will be available at tryouts, team registration, on the Triangle United website and upon request from the Association administrator. Financial aid applications, along with all supporting documentation, should be mailed to the Association office, ATTN: Financial Aid Committee, P.O. Box 2321, Chapel Hill, NC 27515. A financial aid application must be submitted to receive a financial aid award.

6. The Financial Aid Committee’s response to each application will be communicated in writing to the applicant. All data submitted is confidential and will only be available to the Financial Aid Committee and office staff and used solely to determine eligibility for financial aid and for no other purposes.

7. To be eligible for a financial aid award, all applicants and their parents/guardians agree to participate in team practices and games, team duties, and all other regular team activities in addition to fulfilling any agreed upon service to the Association. When parents/guardians or financial aid recipients do not meet their obligations, the Financial Aid Committee should be contacted to assist in securing compliance with the terms of the Financial Aid Agreement. The Financial Aid Committee may cancel financial aid arrangements at any time.