Woodcroft Spring 2014 Game Schedule
updated March 4th

The 2014 Spring Woodcroft game schedules are posted below.  Games will begin the weekend of March 15th.  Please note that there are some Sunday games for the coed teams due to availability at the Woodcroft fields.  Also, please note there are a couple Saturday's where we do not have access to the field until after 1200noon. 

For the u8, u10, and u12 coed and all girls, there is a recreational tournament the weekend of May 17-18 at the Eurosport/West 10 complex in Efland.  This is not mandatory, but we do encourage our teams to sign up and participate.  

If you have any questions, please email Woodcroft

u4 Coed 
u5 Coed
u6 Coed
u8 Coed
u10 Coed
u12 Coed

u8 Girls
u10 Girls
u12 Girls


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