Parent Expectations of a TU Coach



Parents Expectations of a Triangle United Coach


  • Help each player build a foundation for future success both in sport and in life.

  • Create, nurture and protect each child’s feelings of self-worth.

  • Create and inspire a passion and respect for the game.

  • Be sensitive to each player’s developmental needs.

  • Educate the players to the technical, tactical, physical and psychological demands of the game.

  • Conduct practices in a spirit of enjoyment and learning.

  • Strive to help each player reach their full potential.

  • Be a positive role model.

  • Set high standards of discipline and sportsmanship.

  • Closely collaborate with the Team Manager, to ensure that any schedule changes (training, match, tournament, etc.) are communicated in a timely fashion.

  • Notify his/her team of the Coach’s preferred communication process. This process should include the mechanism by which the Coach can be reached (i.e. email, phone, in-person) as well as the preferred and non-preferred times (i.e. not immediately prior to or after a match).

  • Be accessible and responsive to the concerns and questions raised by team members and the parents/guardians of team members. Note that to “be responsive” does not mean the Coach must agree with the concerned party. To “be responsive” simply means the Coach must promptly, calmly, professionally and thoroughly discuss the concerns which have been raised. If at any time a discussion becomes argumentative or hostile, the Coach shall immediately refer the matter to the core Director of Coaching.

  • Secure the services of a substitute coach in the event the Coach is unable to attend a team training session, match or tournament. The substitute coach must be a Club employee coach or Club independent contractor coach and the substitution must be approved by the core DOC or Director of Soccer prior to the event.

  • Secure the approval of the Director of Soccer prior to registering the team for a tournament.

  • Ensure all team members are adequately supervised during club functions.

  • Act in accordance with the NCYSA Code of Conduct and Guidelines and in accordance with the Club policies and procedures.

  • Conduct himself or herself in a professional and respectful manner at all times.

  • Not solicit or accept compensation directly from his/her team except as specified in the Club’s Travel Reimbursement Policy. Not engage in any coaching, training, or administrative activities with a competing club unless approved in writing by the Director of Soccer.

  • Treat players, parents/guardians, referees, coaches, and Club officials with respect and dignity at all times.


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