Weather info phone #s
Triangle United weather information:
(919) 942-2036 or

Weekdays: weather information is usually updated by 3:30pm - which fields are closed (if any) due to weather conditions.

Weekends (Classic and Challenge): weather information for Triangle United home game fields is usually updated by 7am Saturday, and 1100am Sunday

Weekends (Recreation--Woodcroft): weather information for Triangle United home game fields is usually updated by 8am Saturday, and 1100am Sunday

Sometimes, the weather situation may change later in the day, and cancellation decisions will have to be made at the fields. Some fields may remain open while others close, so listen carefully to the weather information record message.

Away games:
Each club makes the weather-related decisions for their own home games, so get the information from the opposing club. Get opposing club weather information below based on age and competition level.

NC Champions League weather info (for away games):

Triangle United YDA (u9/u10) and Challenge (u11/u12) teams are participating in the NC Champions League during 2011-2012. 

CASL Challenge league - sometimes high school age challenge teams get permission to participate in the CASL Challenge league if MSSL does not field enough teams in an age group.

Older Challenge teams (u13+) participate in NCYSA Challenge leagues, which each have their own weather information for away games:

NCYSA Classic teams:
All clubs playing classic soccer in NC can be found at www.ncsoccer.org


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