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Triangle United team managers are the unsung heroes who keep our teams running smoothly. This is the place for team managers to have quick access to useful club info. Below are some links/information to assist team managers of Classic and Challenge teams:

Tournaments - before signing up for any tournament, all teams need to have Coach or Manager get permission from the Director of Soccer (John Cirillo).

Permission to Travel is needed any time you leave the state to attend a USYS event using your NCYSA cards. (tournament, scrimmage, friendlies, etc…)  Make sure your coach has received permission from the Director of Soccer (John Cirillo) to attend the tournament BEFORE you apply to the tournament or fill out the Permission to Travel request.

Click here: Online Permission to Travel (NCYSA web site)

If you are attending a US Club event using your US Club cards, you do not need Permission to Travel, but still must get permission from the Director of Soccer (John Cirillo).

Guest Players - Coaches must clear all guest players thru the Director of Soccer (John Cirillo) PRIOR to inviting them to participate with his/her team for any event (practice, scrimmage, tournament, etc…)  A guest player roster MUST be done for any player participating with your team for any activity.  If you are attending a tournament that says guest rosters are not required, NCYSA DOES REQUIRE a guest roster be completed, regardless of the tournament rules, to ensure that the player is properly insured and that every coach knows where his/her players are playing. If you are attending an out of state tournament and bring guest players a copy of the completed form must be sent in to the state office (NCYSA) before attending the tournament in order to tie the insurance coverage of the participating team with the guest players.

Click here: Guest Player Roster (NCYSA web site)


Blank Match Reports/Reschedule Forms

Click here: (NCYSA Soccer in College site)

Dragonfly girlgear
Women's gear for TUSA players

For special rates offered to Triangle United women’s players on such items as Un-Dee Compression Shorts and Un-Tee Cami’s, to Capri’s and head warmers, please contact MaryAnne Gucciardi at 919 260 9779, or go to to view additional offereings.

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