Boys classic teams
Triangle United Boys classic teams 2013-2014

Age Team Division Coach
U11 TUSA Celtic NCYSA Academy John Kerr
U11 TUSA Arsenal NCYSA Academy Drew Kepley
U11 TUSA Everton Open East2 Michael Oehler
U11 TUSA Porto Open East2 Villa Heron
U11 TUSA Juventus 2nd Piedmont1 Doug Atkinson
U11 TUSA Wake FC Juventus Open East1 Vasili Dimopoulos
U11 TUSA Wake FC Inter 2nd East2  
U11 TUSA Wake FC Milan 2nd East2 William Davis
U11 TUSA XL 03 Rangers Open East1 Andy Stokes
U11 TUSA XL 03 Rangers Blue 2nd Piedmonet1 Ted Awana
U11 TUSA XL 04 Elite Rangers   Stu Croft
U12 TUSA Jrs (U13) 2nd East1 John Cirillo
U12 TUSA Arsenal Open Piedmont Richie Bryan
U12 TUSA Everton 2nd Piedmont1 Noah McKonon
U12 TUSA Wake FC Barcelona Open East Vasili Dimopoulos
U12 TUSA Wake FC Real Madrid Open East David Allred
U12 TUSA Wake FC Atletico 2nd East2  
U12 TUSA XL 02 Rangers   Kevin Burke
U12 TUSA XL 02 Rangers Blue Open Piedmont Mark Schulte
U12 TUSA XL 02 Rangers White 2nd Piedmonet1 Kevin Burke
U13 TUSA Gold Open East Mike Moltzon
U13 TUSA Silver Open Piedmont Ricky Santibanez
U13 TUSA Bronze 2nd Piedmont1 Noah McKonon
U13 TUSA White 2nd Piedmont1 Eric Johnson
U13 TUSA Black 2nd Piedmonet1 Tim Wise
U13 TUSA Green 2nd East2 Crag Wolfe
U13 TUSA Wake FC Blue Open Piedmont David Allred
U13 TUSA Wake FC Man Utd 2nd East2 David Kenney
U13 TUSA XL 01 Rangers Open Piedmont Gary Heale
U13 TUSA XL 01 Rangers Blue 2nd East2 Santiago Fusislier
U14 TUSA Gold Premier John Kerr
U14 TUSA Silver 2nd East2 Richie Bryan
U14 TUSA Bronze 2nd East2 Greg Brown
U14 TUSA Black 2nd East 2 Doug Earnhardt
U14 TUSA Wake FC Blue 2nd East1 Ziggy Zigante
U14 TUSA XL 00 Rangers 2nd East2 Gary Heale
U15 TUSA Gold Premier Luis Satorra
U15 TUSA Silver   Davis Boyle
U15 TUSA Bronze   Rick Lindstedt
U15 TUSA Black    
U15 TUSA Green   Eric Johnson
U15 TUSA Wake FC Blue   Ziggy Zigante
U15 TUSA XL 99 Rangers   Santiago Fusislier
U16 TUSA Gold   Chris Rich
U16 TUSA Silver   Chris White
U16 TUSA Bronze   Doug Earnhardt
U16  TUSA Green   Jay Fuller
U16 TUSA Wake FC Blue   Ziggy Zigante
U17 TUSA Gold Premier Mike Miller
U17 TUSA Silver    
U18 TUSA Gold Premier Steven Cox
U18 TUSA Silver   Chauncey Brummell

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