Girls classic teams
Triangle United Girls classic teams 2014-2015

Girls Teams
Age Team Division Coach
U11 TUSA Barcelona 2nd East John Cirillo
U11 TUSA Arsenal NCYSA Academy Tim Kepley
U11 TUSA Everton NCYSA Academy Vallyre Hyers
U11 TUSA Wake FC Blue 2nd East Mike Wick
U12 TUSA Jrs (U13) 2nd Piedmont Cindy Parlow-Cone
U12 TUSA Arsenal 2nd Piedmont Kyle Shave
U12 TUSA Wake FC Blue 2nd East Gretchen Zigante
U13 TUSA Gold Open East 2 Cindy Parlow-Cone
U13 TUSA SIlver 2nd Piedmont Jen Olson
U13 TUSA Wake FC Blue Open East 1 Jennie Altherr
U13 TUSA Wake FC Valencia 2nd East Henry Villiers-James
U14 TUSA Gold Premier Tracy Kerr
U14 TUSA Silver 2nd East Kyle Shave
U14 TUSA Wake FC Blue 2nd East Jennie Altherr
U15 TUSA Gold Premier Mike Moltzon
U15 TUSA Silver 2nd East Davis Boyle
U15 TUSA Bronze 2nd East Jackie Peters
U15 TUSA Wake FC Blue 2nd East Jennie Altherr
U16 TUSA Gold Region III Luis Satorra
U16 TUSA Silver 1st East  
U16 TUSA Wake FC Blue 2nd East Ziggy Zigante
U17 TUSA Gold Premier Luis Satorra
U17 TUSA Green 1st East Jay Fuller
U17 TUSA Silver 2nd East Randy Sears
U18 TUSA Gold Premier Chris White


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