Challenge Player Responsibilities


Responsibilities of a Triangle United Challenge Player

All players are expected to attend all training, practices, games and tournaments.

All players are expected to notify their coach if they will be late or miss any team activity.

All players are expected to be prepared for all team activities, this includes

  • arriving at all events on time and ready for play

  • wearing the appropriate Triangle United gear


All Challenge players are expected to make sure they maintain the appropriate balance between their team requirements, school work and other extracurricular activities. Triangle United is aware that our players have important personal responsibilities such as family and school. Players selecting to play challenge soccer must understand the time requirements this commitment entails and make sure that it will fit into their individual schedules.

At the Challenge level there is an expectation of 50% playing time in each game for individual players providing they have met their obligations to the team in regards to attendance, behavior and financial standing.

All Triangle United Soccer players are expected to uphold our Player Conduct guidelines

  • Respect the game, your coach and teammates, your opponents, and the referees

  • Always play within the rules of the game

  • Be humble when you win and complimentary when you lose

  • Always act with integrity, and work to improve not only yourself but your team

  • As a representative of Triangle United players are to conduct themselves in a manner that reflects our commitment to sportsmanship and good citizenship (players who display any inappropriate behavior at a Triangle United event will be disciplined)

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