4 TU Players Travel to Argentina

Combine Service, Soccer, and Sightseeing

During the latter part of the summer, 4 boys from Triangle United (Matthew Gerrish, Michael Lawson, Peter Lawson, and Jackson Rand) traveled to Argentina.  The boys were able to combine service, soccer, sightseeing and fun.

The boys made donations to Fundacion Bacigalupo ( they help kids with disabilities such as Down Syndrome through participation in sports) and Fundacion Pupi (founded by Javier "Pupi" Zanetti to support underprivileged kids in a sort of community center, providing child care, tutoring, trade skills,...)  The boys participated in two soccer clinics- Almayeda and Marangoni- , went to the Copa America consolation match, watched the finals in Plaza San Martin, and had a great time watching the Uruguayans parade through the streets!

This kind of trip demonstrates the type of players Triangle United has in our program; we are very proud that they represent Triangle United and very grateful they had the opportunity to pass their soccer knowledge, time, and equipment to players that may not have the same opportunities we have in our Community.